The Lion of Christ

In Africa a lions roar is made to scare, made to intimidate.  A lions roar is made to show dominance.  Do you feel like satan is roaring extra loud?  Do you feel like the enemy is roaring none stop in an effort to scare, to intimidate?  There are days that his roar seems to overpower and he tries to show dominance in my life!  In Africa the only thing that can silence a lions roar is a lion that is bigger and more powerful.  Thank goodness my Savior has a roar that makes satan sound like a kitten.  Next time you face the roar of satan, stop… and call the lion of Christ. He will come running to stand by your side.

1 Peter 5:8-11 

Giving Thanks

He waited and waited.  Days went by.  Then weeks.  Then months.  All he wanted was a simple “Thank You”.  All he got was one problem after another.  One request after another.  He had done so much for his children and yet he still just heard complaining.  It is so easy for us to get stuck looking at the problems in our day.  In our life.  We get so addicted to comfort.  So addicted to looking at whats wrong that we forget to look at the favor.  Sometimes.  Most of the time.  Our Savior and God simply wants to hear a humble “Thank You”.  Thank you for the blessings.  Thank you for the salvation and yes even “Thank You” for the strength to climb the mountain.  Let our thankfulness shine always… not just on a given day. 

Colossians 3

Psalms 138

Flowing Power

She simply touched the bottom of his garment. She wanted so much to be free of sin. To be free of pain. Because of her belief it simply took a touch. A brief but power filled touch.  I try to picture… to imagine how that felt. Then my heart reminds me the same power, that flowed from him to heal her with a simple touch, still flows today. I may not be able to touch his robe but I can fill his power in my life… in my heart…  in my spirit!!  He still heals. He still saves. And more than ever he still loves!!
Matthew 9:20
I love you!!

The Blame Game!

Do you find yourself playing the blame game?  I caught myself doing it and I hate it.  When you find yourself falling short don’t blame others, own it and lay it at Christ feet.  “My life is full of anxiety because of the way my mom treated me.” No its that way because you don’t trust in our Savior.  “I over eat because it gives me comfort from my trials.” No you over eat because you don’t lay those trails at Jesus feet.  “I drink because my spouse and I just can’t get along.”  No you drink because you don’t give your marriage to one that can fix it.  Just like ice cream, blame may taste good in your mouth, but blame won’t fix the issues… the anxiety… the trails.  Only Jesus can. 

I Love You!

To Be Held In His Hands!

My heart melts as I think of being held in his arms. I cry as I envision my face being caressed by his hands and being looked at by eyes that show nothing but deep forgiving love. Being hugged by my Jesus… feeling his heart as he assures me I am right where I was meant to be. As he assures me that for the rest of eternity I will be in his presence. I will only know his love… his grace. Then I will hear him say  “job well done my good and faithful servant”.  My heart urns for that day as I hope yours does to. 

Romans 5:20