In 2017, God started to put thoughts and ideas on my heart with a strong desire to share them with others. Since to me, these writings seemed anointed I shared them with my wife Lorna.

She was moved, as I was, so she suggested I share them with family and close friends. As I did many of my friends would tell me that these messages seemed to be inspired by God. As those friends shared with others the list of people using this message from our Savior grew exponentially.

Now I am the first to tell you that I want no credit for these “Happy Jesus Day” messages. I barely graduated from high school with a “D” average and I failed senior English. I am a horrible speller but when the spirit is talking to me spelling comes easy. Imagine! I am daily humbled by the chance to be our father’s pen. I have walked with God for the past 42 years. I have spent each day studying and praying for guidance. I have asked him each morning, of my walk, that he use me however he needed to until he can’t use me any longer. He has allowed me to be a worship director at a church for his glory. He has allowed me to be a minister and preach his word. Now he is using me to share thoughts that he wants us to hear in everyday language, from his scripture. I can find no greater honor in this life and frankly, I want nothing more than to be his spokesperson.

As the message grew, our God kept telling me to reach more people. He kept putting on my heart that more people need to hear these messages. He kept telling me that so many people are lost and needs to know that he loves them. Without warning, God started putting people in my path to help advance his word. One day, out of the blue, a dear Christian friend named James Horton came to see me. Now James loves to work with graphic art and he created what is now the “Happy Jesus Day” logo. He brought it to me without asking and told me to use it if I liked it. Wow! God is amazing!

As I kept thinking that the best way to reach those around the world was through the web I called a gentleman that does my website for the company that Lorna and I own. As we talked about the best way to do the website I inquired of Ryon about how much it would cost. As God always does, he once again put someone special in my path. Without prompting Ryon simply said that there will be no cost because it is the Lord’s work and message. Wow!! God is amazing!!

As long as he allows me to spread his love I will keep posting. As long as he allows me to mirror his love I will not stop. Rest assured I will stand strong and watchful for every message he wants to share. Our Savior’s love is the most important thing in this life and I feel so very humbled that he is using me as a door to share it with you. Until he returns, we are the doors he relies on to show his love and compassion. Please listen for his knock and share his messages every chance you get.

I Love You Very Much!

Alpine Office