Lives of Thanksgiving

As I look back over this day I sit in amazement.
I enjoyed a day of amazing food, amazing fun and a show with amazing entertainment.  As I listened to the music I thought of how thankful I am for being able to hear the sounds.  See the lights. Feel the beat. Smell the food… and enjoy the endless blessings that our God pours on my head. As we fill our souls with the spirit of Christ we learn to have lives of thanksgiving. Lives of grateful hearts. Lives of unending happiness.  Each day is a choice.  Do we see his love, his blessings, his grace. Or do we choose to see the negative, the bad, the dark.  When you find yourself always seeing the good, always seeing the light and feeling pure joy then and only then will you know that his spirit has become yours.

The Greatest Is Love

There is nothing greater than LOVE!  Everything in Jesus life leads to love.  Every concept in the bible leads to love.  God… Jesus… Holy Spirit… all exist as pure love.  Pure love does not see others as right or wrong but rejoices in existence.  Pure love looks beyond faults and peers into the heart.  We, as humans are addicted to being right.  We argue, we fight, we divide all in an effort to prove ourselves right.  Love does not worry about being right but rejoices in relationships.  God, Jesus, Holy Spirit are pure love.  We were made in their image.  Maybe we should start acting like it.

Let Go and Let God

I watched as she ran around the store with a look of despair.  She was simply a customer but her stress level was unmeasurable.  I wondered, as I silently prayed for her, if she ever knows peace? Does she ever let go and let God?  Do any of us?  So many times I have tried to let go and let God but I always have a plan B.  If we have a plan B are we truly trusting our father?   Why do we feel as though we always have to be in control?  Why do we always believe that things should go smoothly?  Trust…such a small word but so important.  We need to completely let go and let God.  He expects us to trust him with everything.  When we do, we will find that he has been carrying us, when we didn’t even realize it.