Jesus Loves Everyone The Same

Daily as I read the news why does it feel like mankind values one life more than another.  Is an American life more important than a Mexican one?  Is a family members soul more important than that of a stranger?  Was Peter’s life more important to Jesus than that of Judas?  I pray for the day when we can see each other thru the eyes of Christ.  When we can see each other thru the eyes of the one that gave his life for ALL OF US!!  He didn’t see one life as more worthy than the next.  His love knows no bounds… No limits… No borders.  Aren’t we to mirror his life?  When we do we will see everyone, all nations… all people… with the love of the Savior.

I Love You!

It Has To Be Sincere

He could not have been more than 18 years old.  Standing on a corner in Fort Worth. Everything he owned on his back.  As I lowered my window to help, I watched as he made the sign of the cross.  My thoughts suddenly turned inward.  Do I ever do things to look religious?  When asked to say a prayer do I pray from my heart or do I udder the words that I think people want to hear?  Nothing in our life should bring glory to us.  Nothing in our behavior should be about self gratification.  If it’s not sincere… if it does not turn the focus to our Savior… than it is wasted breath.  If we throw away our pride and humble ourselves before our Lord…  people will see his light in our lives not just our actions.
I Love You!!

Shine His Light

I don’t know about you but I’m weary.  Weary of the scandals.  Weary of the violence.  Weary of the never ending hatred.  I try to bury my head in the sand but it creeps in like a prowler.  Then I pray and he shows me hope.  He shows me compassion.  He reveals to me the assurance that he will overcome all the hate… the violence… the sin.  I pray and he shows me that by simply loving others we can change the world.  By loving that person that hates we can be a light in the darkness.  By loving that person of violence we can reveal to the world his heart.  In darkness all it takes is one small light to be able to see.  His love… his heart… is that light.  It’s up to us to make it shine.
I Love You!!

Maybe We Should See Jesus

What if we saw the man on the corner, as Jesus?  What if I saw the lady behind the counter at Walgreens, that I lost patience with, as Jesus?  Would I have treated her different?  Would I have still lost my patience?  What if I look at my kids… my wife and see Jesus, would I up the level of dedication to them.  “What you do to the least of these you do to me”  Did I lose my patience with Jesus today thru that woman.  I think so!  Did I ignore Jesus when I passed by the man on the corner? I think so!  We go thru our day without giving a second thought to the way we treat many people.  Seems we have forgotten by doing so we do the same to our Savior.
I Love You!!