No Need For Rules

Have you thought about what it would be like to strip away all of self and replace it with love.  What if we could get so in tune with God that all selfishness was gone?  Simply by being human we are selfish by nature.  We always want what is best for us.  We might consider God or others but in the end we come back to self.  If we could strip away that selfishness there would be no reason for rules.  No reason for the ten commandments.  When selfishness in gone your left with love.  When you love Jesus with all your heart soul and mind.  When you do the same for others.  Then the rules become natural.  You live out obedience simply because you love.
I love you!!

Loving People = Loving Jesus

The true test of our spiritual maturity is not how often you go to church.  It is not how many scriptures you know or how deep your knowledge is of the word.  It is not whether your part of a life group or belong to a certain religion.  It is not how much prayer you offer or how much money you give to charity.  The true test to measure your level of love for our Savior is how do you treat other people.  How do you treat your wife, your kids, the stranger on the corner, the immigrant from another land. Simply put, if you don’t love people… then you don’t love God.  We were made in his image and we are the object of his incredible love.  Loving other people = Loving Jesus Christ.
Mark 12:32
I Love You!!

One At A Time

So many times we think we have to be part of something grand.  We want to have our fifteen minutes of fame.  We want to do things on a worldly level.  Then I am reminded that simply helping one person have a better tomorrow is in so many ways, the biggest thing we can do!  Helping that one soul find God.  Feeding that one person that may be hungry.  Showing the love of Jesus to just one person.  One person at a time is how we can change the world.  One person at a time is how we put a smile on Gods face that is a mile wide.

Luke 15

I Love You!!