The Fruits

He said “I always control my language when I’m around you”. Then why not all the time?  She told me “I can’t help the way I feel”. My comment was you can if you want to. As you grow closer to Christ. As you spend more time in his presence then thoughts become clear.  Actions and behavior become controllable.  Desires are for his will not yours.  It’s called the fruits of the spirit! The Holy Spirit!  Love… Joy… Peace… Patience… Kindness… Goodness… Gentleness… Faithfulness… Self Control…
Only thru Jesus!!
I Love You!!

Heaven – Bring It On!!

I couldn’t hold back the tears as she told me about her one year old that had an inoperable brain tumor. Father forgive me for worrying about the small stuff when she is dealing with that.  I can’t stop my heart from breaking as I listen to the young man and his mother worried about the disease that plaques his body daily.  No cure in sight.  Father forgive me for concern over worldly issues. Why do we spend so much time, in worry, over so many trivial things when so many people are dealing with such devastation.  Forgive me father for lack of faith.
Heaven…  no more sickness, no more pain
Bring it on!!!
I Love You!!

Jesus Christ not Mickey Mouse

As I stand in the middle of thousands of people it gives me question?  As people shove and push to get a better view at Disney it gives me pause to wonder if they would do the same for Christ?  If Christ was the one speaking, instead of Mickey, would these people do whatever it took to get closer?  To see and hear better?  As I pray that prayer in the midst of everyone I am reminded that one day the eastern sky will open.  He will come riding on his white horse.  Then like today everyone will pause.  Everyone will stop.  Everyone will listen.  Only that day it will be the Lord of Lords… The Prince of Peace…  and not Mickey Mouse.  Hallelujah!!!

Deep Love

As we sat in a circle I listened as each person told what they expect…  what they get from their spouse.  When it came to me I simply said I would never set expectations on my beautiful wife and I don’t need anything from her but love.  I would never put that burden on my wife to provide me with happiness.  That has to come from God.  So is our relationship with Christ.  When we live, from the place in our heart, that was made for unbridled love, then rules and expectations are not needed.  They come naturally.  Learn to live with others, as well as Jesus, not from a place of rules but a place of love. 

I Love You

Where Is Peace?

Do you ever feel confused?  Feel like craziness has surrounded you?  Do you feel like chaos is the order of the day and peace has left on a train?  Jesus did not promise an easy life.  There will be times when the waves will rise and you feel like you are drowning!  Jesus never said we would have all good days and no bad ones.  He did promise he is above it all.  Our King promised he is holding us up.  He told us I am the way, the truth, and the life.  No matter the chaos… no matter the confusion… no matter the craziness love will calm it all.  Love of others and most of all love of the Prince of Peace.
Keep your eye on that peace… his peace!
I love You!!