It’s A Really Big Picture!

When is the last time, you took the time, to listen to someone you disagree with?  To open your heart and mind with love, to understanding their point of view.  If there is anything Jesus taught us it is we are to have empathy and understanding for everyone.  Freedom in Christ isn’t easy… but it is necessary.  Daily I watch as everyone argues about issues that in no way involve salvation.  My dad asked me one time, “will it matter a hundred years from now?”  “If the answer is no then it’s not important.”  We need to focus daily on salvation and not our opinion about the small stuff.  Christ and salvation will matter for eternity.  The rest is just noise.
Colossians 3
I Love You!!

Don’t Limit God!

His question was “Are dinosaurs in the Bible?” When your 11 you are fascinated by dinosaurs… so am I.  As I told him no I also told him that I believe they existed during the time of creation before God made man.  To which I was asked “how, when it only took 6 days for God to make the earth?”  How do we know how long a day is to God?  How do we know that the sun rose and set on the same schedule it does now?  Why do we limit God and his Son?  Letting God out of the box, we create, means thinking of God not in our terms but in a way that is unlimited.  When you do then the impossible becomes possible.  Dreams become reality. Let God out of the box and watch him work.

I Love You!!

Live Humbly

Daily I watch as this country wants what’s best for us.  I watch as that country wants what is best for them. We live in a world, from one end of the globe to the other, where everyone is mainly concerned about themselves.  Where is God in all of this?  Where is Christ in all of this?  Every human being since time began are children of God.  From the man that kills hundreds, to the man that kneels to pray.  He loves us all equally!  So where does that leave us?  Lost… lost in a never ending effort to find importance in being number one.  When are we simply going to look to God for that? 

1 Timothy 2:1 

The Least Of These!

As he cut me off in traffic the word idiot came out of my mouth.  When they told me what she had done, I simply said she is just stupid.  As those words became more common in my speak God grabbed my heart.   “You are talking about a child I love”.  “You’re degrading someone who is special to me”.  Then it hit me!  If someone called one of my children stupid I would be hurt, mad, defensive, angry.  Do we not do the same to Christ when we refer to one of his children without love?  “What you do to the least of these you have done to me”.  With the help of the Holy Spirit I am working on change.  I pray we can all be moved to live from a place of love for everyone!