Good or God?

Good or God?  I get asked all the time how can a good man suffer while an evil man profits?  Whats good? Whats evil? In Gods sight are we not all sinners? In Gods sight do we not all fall short? Are there levels of sin?  I’m a sinner in need of someone to pay my debt.  Your a sinner needing someone to pay your debt. I can not be good enough, in my wildest imagination, to pay the debt I owe.  But Jesus can!  Because he did, I try to be good.  Not out of obligation.  Not out of a need to earn anything. Simply out of love for the one who saves me.
Good? It’s love that leads us to goodness.  But without Christ we will never get there.
I Love You!!
1 Peter 2 / Matthew 5

He Is Your Rock!!

Do you ever feel disconnected from our Lord?  Sometimes in an effort to find more of him we lose sight of his love and his spirit.  Lately I have felt this way.  We attend church weekly and because you love those around you its easy to get involved.  Then before you know it you loose sight of why you are there.  His Love!!!  It is so easy to get caught up in the doing, that you forget the why.  Nothing should ever keep you from our Savior.  Sometimes instead of propping yourself up on the support of others you simply need to lean further into the father.  When you do you will find that he is the rock you needed all along.

Galatians 6:14-17  Matthew 7: 13-29
I Love You!!

Attitude of Gratitude!

Do you ever take a hot shower and say a prayer of THANKS for the ability to do so?  After being caught in the rain I stood in the shower giving thanks for hot water.  When we live lives of gratitude the smallest things become big things.  The tiniest pleasures become monumental joys.  Christ calls us to live our life with an attitude of gratitude.  Learn to take each day and enjoy the blessings around you.  Look to each situation with gratitude and wonder…  regardless of the circumstance.  When you look long enough and hard enough there is always a small light even in the darkest of times.  When you practice gratitude you will discover that light,  is the light of our Savior.

2 Corinthians 9:10 – 15
I Love You!

Beauty Is All Around Us!!

Colorado this time of year has thousands of aspen trees that paint a picture.  I am in awe at the spectacular yellow and orange leaves that blanket the mountainside.  The colors so deep… so brilliant… as if looking at a sunset.  Then as I walk around the town I am reminded, just as beautiful are the people themselves.  Each one made in Gods image and each with a soul he cares about. Beauty is all around us.  Not just in the trees, not just in the mountains but in the people.  In their spirit.  In their souls.  In their hearts.  Open your mind and enjoy ALL the beauty that God puts before us.  It’s simply a matter of love!

I Love You!!