Everyone Needs Love!

The absence of love is hatred.  It seems we have forgotten how to love with the spirit of God.  True love is seeing all the infinite in one.  It is seeing God in each person no matter how good or bad, no matter how big or small.  I have to ask is a hero’s blood more righteous than a homeless persons sip of wine?  The hatred I see daily between humans, between man and animal, between man and earth makes me weary.  As Christians we can change the world one person at a time.  It all starts with LOVE.  Make sure you show the love of Christ to everyone you see, every day, no matter where,  no matter who!
In honor of my Dad!  He loved everyone!
I Love You!!

Time Stood Still!

You don’t remember days you remember moments.  I try to take life day by day.  Then the world steps in and we plan… we calculate… we prioritize.  Then someone you love, someone that meant the world to you is called home and time suddenly stands still.  The world stops for a moment and you get off.  The planning stops. The calculations change and the priorities are different.  Then for a moment, you focus on his words, his actions, his purpose in your life.  I lost my dad Christmas morning and the world has stopped.  I got off the ride to spend time looking at his life, his works, his love.  He spent his life teaching me to love the Lord.  To have integrity and to treat others the way I would want to be treated.  I will have to get back on the ride but for now I will rest in the fact that he is wrapped in our Saviors arms.

Rest well Pop. 

Just A Baby?

He was a baby just like any other.  Born with pain. Born with blood.  Born naked and new to the world.  Ten fingers. Ten Toes.  Two feet. Two hands. Two eyes.  Feet that would walk mile after mile to teach his fathers love.  Feet that would one day hold up the sin of world as he lifted himself up on the cross.  Hands that would heal.  Hands that would calm a storm.  Hands that would raise others from the dead.  Eyes that see love when others saw hate.  He looked ordinary to the people but to those that believed he looked of heaven.  He cried liked any baby does but to those that believe it was the sound of freedom.  Two thousand and fifty one years ago today our savior came.  As an ordinary baby dressed in earthly skin but with a heavenly purpose.  To teach… To save… To sacrifice for you… For me…  Happy Birthday Jesus!!
Merry Christmas!!

Our Salvation – Jesus!!

She was a virgin.  She knew it.  Her boyfriend knew it.  Everyone else?  I suppose even her parents thought other wise? She was young. She was innocent. She was well respected.  Until…  Then she was frightened.  Then she was ridiculed.  Then she was not welcome.  Then she had doubts.  What a radical God we serve.  What an amazing God that would take a young girl. Test her. Use her. Yet bless her.  All to prove to us that he is the one and only.  All to prove to us how much he loves… how much he wants to save us. What an amazing way to introduce our salvation.  Jesus!!
I Love You!!

Joseph’s Intimidation!

I feel like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders.  How am I suppose to be a dad to God’s only son?  How do I discipline him?  How do I teach him? How do I simply talk to him knowing who he is?  I’m just a simple man.  Why was I chosen to bear this burden and be blessed at the same time?  There could be no greater honor but I simply fell in love with a girl.  Just like Joseph, so many times we feel intimated by his presence.  Then our Lord takes us in his arms and reassures us he simply loves.  He simply cares. He simply wants to be with us.  There is no greater honor than to be one of his children.
Merry Christmas!
I Love You!

Why Did He Come?

This week as I left a christian school I encountered a statue of Mary holding her son after he had been removed from the cross. I can not see or think of that scene without pause and without tears. This time of year it is easy to get caught up in the lights… the presents… the programs… in the celebration.
But pause!! Breathe in what this season truly means. He came when he didn’t have to. He put up with Satan when he didn’t have to. He suffered when he didn’t have to. He died a horrible death when he didn’t have to. WHY!! DEEP AND UNENDING LOVE!!!

I Love You!


We Should Never Hide!

How many times do we NOT say a prayer for fear of what others will think?  How many times do we go along with the crowd for fear of not being liked.  Have you ever put aside your beliefs in Christ because it might offend someone? This day, in China, North Korea, and sixty other countries Christians are proclaiming their faith while being beaten, tortured and even killed.  It’s time we stop persecuting each other, in our country, simply because we have different brands of Christ’s church.  Simply because we don’t see eye to eye.  I pray that I will NEVER hide the light of Christ that shines within me.  Love for others demands it and so does our Savior.
Ephesians 6:10 – 20
I Love You!