I Can’t Wait

I keep seeing Mary’s face as she looked upon the Savior.  I can only imagine the reverence of Joseph as he caressed Christ face.  I wonder about the amazement of the shepherds as they saw God in the flesh.  I envision the magi as they declared him King of Kings.  Then my thoughts turn to how anxious I am to do the same.  To look upon his face… caress his cheek and declare him Lord of Lords and King of Kings.  That future drives away all stress.  That vision takes away all worry.  That excitement fills my heart with joy.  Joy that is never ending and will lead to the day I can kneel at his feet.  I can’t wait!!
I love you!!

He Is The Reason

I woke early this morning to admire the tree… the presents… and to ponder this holy day of our Saviors birth.  For some today it’s about presents, for some it’s about  lights and still others it’s about family.  As I look at the evergreen foliage I see a tree that stays alive even in the harshest of winters…  like Christ’s love.  In the lights I see the burning love that he has for his people.  In the presents I see the gift that he gives of unending forgiveness and salvation.  But mostly I see him in each person that finds a little more happiness during this time of year.  I pray we find him in everything we see, touch or hear.  I pray that we find his love in others and that they in us.  Not just during this season but all year long.

Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!

He Loves Us!!

Father I know they are not what you intended them to be.  I know they disappoint you more than you can bare.  I know you want to wash your hands of them but I see hope.  I see love in their hearts and goodness in their spirit.  Let me save them!   Son.. that would mean you would have to suffer in their place.  That means you would have to die for them to live again.  You would have to leave the glory and comfort of heaven to become one of them.  You really want to go thru that?  Yes father I love them that much!!  I am willing to be abused… to be scorched… to be crucified if thats what it takes.  What an amazing Savior!!!
I love you!!

Our Crazy

Happy Jesus Day!
This week I have been troubled by the mess I am.  The mess you are.  We are all a mess of sin and transgressions.  Our lives spin out of control and just like Paul we do the very thing we know we shouldn’t.  We feel conflicted by our behavior. We pour out our misery to Jesus… and he just hears a melody.  He sees our sin… he hears our pleas and he smiles and thinks “No worries I’ve got this”!  He whispers to us “Do your best but know in your heart that I have made order out of your chaos”. The cross took your crazy and made sense of it all.  Hallelujah!!!
I Love You!

True Joy

Her question was “how can you be so happy everyday?”
She knew my answer but she wanted to hear it.  Happiness comes from the mind… pure joy comes from the heart.  Abraham Lincoln said “people are as happy as they choose to be”.  It’s only thru the dwelling of the holy spirit that you can experience joy.  Happiness can grow dark but pure joy shines bright even in the darkest hour.  When you find joy, heart filled joy, then the trials of this life become strangely dim.  During those times of darkness. During those times when the storm is moving in, true joy will not fade as we look to Jesus, and his spirit, for strength.  His light never fades and neither will yours.
I Love You!