He Is The Reason

I woke early this morning to admire the tree… the presents… and to ponder this holy day of our Saviors birth.  For some today it’s about presents, for some it’s about  lights and still others it’s about family.  As I look at the evergreen foliage I see a tree that stays alive even in the harshest of winters…  like Christ’s love.  In the lights I see the burning love that he has for his people.  In the presents I see the gift that he gives of unending forgiveness and salvation.  But mostly I see him in each person that finds a little more happiness during this time of year.  I pray we find him in everything we see, touch or hear.  I pray that we find his love in others and that they in us.  Not just during this season but all year long.

Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!

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