Month: March 2018

Oh How He Loves Us!

I’m often asked “Tell me what is the main lesson we can learn from Jesus life”.  Without a doubt he came to teach us first and foremost about love.  How to love others and how to love him and his father.  Every parable he told, every miracle he performed and every lesson he taught comes

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He Died For Everyone

His comment was “I’m not very religious”.  I looked at him and said “neither am I”.  As he cocked his head I told him Christ did not come to separate people into groups of worshippers.  Christ came to redeem us all.  Jesus didn’t  say baptist over there, church of christ over here, catholics in this

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When Christ Comes Back

We all dream every night.  Sometimes, when Jesus, is the last thing on my mind, I dream of a world where love is the leading headline.  I dream of a day when everyone regardless of race or color can see eye to eye.  I dream of a time when wars are a thing of the

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