Love Outside The Box!

The Happy Jesus Day slogan is “Life’s Answers Outside of the Box”  Every corner of the bible… everything in the life of Christ says think outside the box.  Love outside the box.  Passionately forgive.  Show compassion without limits.  The very person you think doesn’t deserve forgiveness that is the one you should love the most.  The very person who doesn’t deserve your time is the one we should give the most compassion to.  The person that would be the last one you would associate with is the one that should be on the top of your list.  By loving and living outside of the box it will lead us to the word.  And that my friend will lead directly to the Savior. 

It’s All From God!

He always shows compassion when he sees me cry. My sweet grandson always hugs and consoles when he sees the tears. As I watched the spectacular ending of a day at Disney I can’t help but be moved. Moved by the blessing of being there. Moved by the wonder of it all. Moved by the ability to see, to hear, to experience the talent of the people that God gifted. We should always look with wonder. Experience with thankfulness. Hear with amazement and be thankful to the point that our heart overflows. Lest we forget that everything in this life is a gift from God. Don’t ever take a single moment for granted. He makes it all for us out of love. Especially grandkids!!!

Ephesians 1:3

How Much Do You Love Jesus?

As I spoke to her the tears came.  As I read her the message about the cross I couldn’t hold back the pain.  I couldn’t hold back the heartbreak.  How much do you love Jesus?  Do you simply love him or are you in love with him?  Is he just a passing fancy or do you think of him every minute of every day?  She handed me a tissue and said “you must really love him”.  My question is: “could you picture your child, your partner, your parent hanging in agony on the cross without shedding a tear.  Then how could you ever picture our Savior that way without the same emotion?  Want your life to change?  Don’t just love him.  Spend your life falling deeper in love with him.
Mark 12:29
I Love You!

Good Friday

He had made so many crosses.  His ability with an axe meant they needed him to carve a cross out of a tree.  He knew how rough hewn they were but he hadn’t given it much thought.  He had no way of knowing this one would be for the Lord of Lords.  Our Savior… back beaten raw… muscle torn and tendons showing, had to carry that splitter filled log on his shoulder and back.  Can you imagine how painful it was to push up against that rough hewn log to try,  just try,  to get some air.  Then to fall back down against it because the pain in his feet was more then he could bare. Over…and over…and over!!  All because he loves us that much!!

John 19:16

Six Hours

Picture Jesus.  Picture him tied to a stump as a Roman soldier scorched his back!  Small rocks and pieces of metal tearing flesh with each lash.  Picture having a crown of thorns shoved mercilessly onto his scalp.  Picture having to carry a cross fashioned out of splintered wood on his back full of open wounds.  Picture having hands held down as spikes were driven thru the bones of his wrist and feet breaking some of them.  Picture that cross lifted up and dropped in a hole as the pain shot thru his body.  His muscles becoming paralyzed to the point that the only way to get air was to push against the nail in his feet to raise himself up.  Only to drop back down against the nails in his wrist.  Picture doing that for six hours until he simply couldn’t do it anymore.  Why? Why? Why?   LOVE!!!!