Six Hours

Picture Jesus.  Picture him tied to a stump as a Roman soldier scorched his back!  Small rocks and pieces of metal tearing flesh with each lash.  Picture having a crown of thorns shoved mercilessly onto his scalp.  Picture having to carry a cross fashioned out of splintered wood on his back full of open wounds.  Picture having hands held down as spikes were driven thru the bones of his wrist and feet breaking some of them.  Picture that cross lifted up and dropped in a hole as the pain shot thru his body.  His muscles becoming paralyzed to the point that the only way to get air was to push against the nail in his feet to raise himself up.  Only to drop back down against the nails in his wrist.  Picture doing that for six hours until he simply couldn’t do it anymore.  Why? Why? Why?   LOVE!!!!

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