Are you too busy?

Do you ever feel as though life has taken over and you have felt your heart harden?  Have you ever stopped… for a moment… just a moment and caught yourself to consumed with today.  Lately I have been traveling down this path.  I have found myself to consumed with work to notice people.  I have caught my heart being hardened to the needs of those around me.  I sat at a red light, next to his cardboard sign with no regard for his feelings and no prayer or help in my heart.  Please forgive me Lord!  Our Savior always took time for those around him.  Our Savior was never to busy to notice those in need.  My prayer is that I will always be in tune to those in my path.  That I will never let the busy of the day consume my heart! 

Do You Live In The Kingdom?

Do you live in the kingdom or do you simply have your name on the list? To live in the kingdom means everyday becomes a glorious adventure. Outside fears do not still your joy. Faith is like a brick wall… unmovable. Circumstances do not dictate your mood… Christ does.  Death is no longer a mystery but a journey to be experienced. Cancer has no sting. The man with the gun has no power. The thief has no knowledge and the devil runs in fear. Living in the kingdom means that you let Jesus out of the box. You allow Christ to take all of you…  leaving no room for fear. I have moved into the kingdom. I pray you will be my neighbor.

Jesus Says Wash!

At first glance I could see the swollen lip.  I could feel the hurt ego.  The fight was about pride and words exchanged.  It gave me thought as to the last supper when Jesus washed the feet of his men.  Pride would say “you will betray me”. Jesus washed his feet.  Ego would say “you will abandon me”.  Jesus washed his feet.  Honor says “ you will deny and disrespect me”. Jesus says wash his feet.  When the world says get even.  Our Savior says get a rag.  When the world says fight back.  Christ says get some water.  When our pride says stand up.  Christ says kneel down and wash.  Hard to do? Yes… but better.

Burning Hot For Christ!!

There he sat. Starbucks in hand.  Long white beard and ponytail.  Painting “Jesus” on cardboard with a fire that burned hot for our Lord.  As we talked it came clear he had lost everything the world says is important.  Money, family, friends, stature.  But oh how much he had gained.  This man was spending his days teaching, and showing the love of our Savior.  Was he ashamed to tell you about our King?  Not for a moment!  Are you like me and do you want to be different?  I want to burn so bright with the fire of Jesus that all of me is gone and only he remains. That’s my prayer.  By opening our minds… our hearts… to the Holy Spirit the fire that burns for Christ will be so big, that when anyone comes close they will feel the flames.

I Love You!

We Need More Faith!

“Doesn’t the state of the world scare you to death”.  As I listened he could feel I didn’t have the same concerns he did.  His face looked puzzled.  Then I answered by saying.  “I don’t worry, I know who’s in charge.”  Faith…  Unwavering faith is such a powerful force.  Without faith we have no hope.  Worry is sin.  Worry about anything big or small is due to lack of faith.  Do I worry? Sometimes!  Then I pray for the faith to get out of the boat and my peace is restored.  Even a little faith can move a mountain.  A lot of faith can change the world.  Maybe we should try it. 

Matthew 17:20

I Love You!!