Burning Hot For Christ!!

There he sat. Starbucks in hand.  Long white beard and ponytail.  Painting “Jesus” on cardboard with a fire that burned hot for our Lord.  As we talked it came clear he had lost everything the world says is important.  Money, family, friends, stature.  But oh how much he had gained.  This man was spending his days teaching, and showing the love of our Savior.  Was he ashamed to tell you about our King?  Not for a moment!  Are you like me and do you want to be different?  I want to burn so bright with the fire of Jesus that all of me is gone and only he remains. That’s my prayer.  By opening our minds… our hearts… to the Holy Spirit the fire that burns for Christ will be so big, that when anyone comes close they will feel the flames.

I Love You!

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