It was a simple bracelet but such a profound statement.  WWJD. “What Would Jesus Do”?  You can still buy them but more important you can still live them.  In every situation.  In every moment. In every circumstance… simply ask “What Would Jesus Do”?   When someone disrespects you. WWJD? When someone cuts you off in traffic. WWJD?  When someone steals from you. WWJD?  Does not matter the time,  the place, or the circumstance that answer is never wrong.  Do you simply talk the talk or do you walk the walk?  You have to ask yourself, What Would Jesus Do?

I Love You!

Without Love Its Meaningless

Is the word Christ or is the word the bible?  I have spent my 44 year walk with Christ, watching people that use study of the word as a means to an end.  “If I can just know more scripture”.  “If I can just memorize more verses”.  But what good does that do if you neglect the very essence of Christ?  If the word is Christ then to learn the word is to learn the nature of our Savior.  The nature of Jesus is love.  Without love it does not matter how much scripture you know it is still not pleasing to God.   We are made in his image.  First and foremost we were made to love.

1 Corinthians 13

I Love You!!

During The Storm… Trust

This evening I took the time to sit and watch a magnificent sky that our God made.  It is so vast with deep shades of blue and large white pillow clouds.  As I enjoyed the wonder of our God I noticed some dark ominous clouds moving in to cover up the beauty. That gave me thought as to the wonder of our lives.  So many days we have beauty and sun but without warning the dark clouds can move in and obscure the light.  Without warning… without preparation… we can get caught in the wind… the storm.  However, just like tonight’s sky there is always a bright spot if we look hard enough.  Just like tonight’s sky God is above it all controlling the movement, the wind, the storm.  We simply have to trust.