YOU Are What He Loves!

I feel so small!!  When you stand in the presence of God and his world… humbleness takes over and you feel small.  As I sit at the 10,000 foot base of the Maroon Bells Mountain I realize that as small as I am in the grandness of his creation, I am a giant in his heart. Regardless of the grandeur of the earth YOU are what he longs for. You are who he loves.  He made this world with such splendor for us to enjoy. Simply because he loves us!!!  What an amazing God!!
I Love You

How Content Are You?

As I stand on a corner, in downtown Fort Worth, waiting on my beautiful wife I feel content. I watch as so many expensive cars go by.  I see so many fancy structures and just like Paul I feel contentment. As Christ followers we are to be content. Content in what we have or don’t. Content in the season of our life. Content and patient in waiting for Jesus return.  I wonder how many of these people are content? Many times I am not. Many times stress takes over and contentment flies from the window. Contentment can only come thru the spirit. How content are you?
I Love You!!

Be Confident!

“How do you stay so confident everyday?”  As we talked I could tell she struggled with confidence in most areas of her life.  Trust… true trust in the Lord will bring confidence that is unexplainable.  David as he marched to battle Goliath was confident in God.  Noah as he built the arc was confident in God.  Paul as he faced beheading was confident in God.  Do you struggle with worry… be confident.  Do you face temptation… be confident.  Are you stressed, overwhelmed… be confident.  God has never failed on a promise.  God has never abandoned.  God has never lost.  God has always been and will always be faithful.  Keep focused on that, be confident in that, and the rest will take care of itself.  Hebrews 10:22
I Love You!!

Keep Praying!

Do you ever feel so proud you could explode?  So relieved you could float?  So happy you could dance?  Answered prayer can do that.  I have spent years in prayer.  I have begged…  I have pleaded… I have yelled at God and at satan.  I have been mad that God was not saving this young man and livid at satan for pulling him into his world.  I  promised myself and our Savior that I would not give up. I scolded satan and assured him I would not allow him to grab this kid I love.  Then as God whispered to this young man I cherish, he started to love instead of hate.  Quote scripture instead of curse.  Follow God’s word as opposed to drugs.  What an amazing God!!  What an awesome Savior!!  Just keep on praying!!
1 Thessalonians 5:17
I Love You!

Be His Door!

God, why do you allow so much evil in the world? To which I heard him say “why do you?” God, why don’t you fix the poverty and sickness in the world? He exclaimed “why don’t you?” God, rid the world of hatred and war. “I could but so could you!” We have within us the ability to overcome evil, to extinguish poverty and to end hatred, but we don’t. Our spirits and our hearts were made in his image. His power, the power of the cross, lives in us. Take the time to be nice and pray for those that are evil. Take the time to help those that experience poverty. Take the time to show compassion to the hateful. We are the doors his love can walk thru. Unlock it and let him enter thru you.

I Love You!!