Keep Praying!

Do you ever feel so proud you could explode?  So relieved you could float?  So happy you could dance?  Answered prayer can do that.  I have spent years in prayer.  I have begged…  I have pleaded… I have yelled at God and at satan.  I have been mad that God was not saving this young man and livid at satan for pulling him into his world.  I  promised myself and our Savior that I would not give up. I scolded satan and assured him I would not allow him to grab this kid I love.  Then as God whispered to this young man I cherish, he started to love instead of hate.  Quote scripture instead of curse.  Follow God’s word as opposed to drugs.  What an amazing God!!  What an awesome Savior!!  Just keep on praying!!
1 Thessalonians 5:17
I Love You!

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