Daily Prayer

Jesus let me boast only in you and your glory not in any of my abilities or gifts.  Allow me to shine your love so that when people see me they see you!  Allow me to project your example and pattern my life around your life.  Give me the strength to live in you so that people will say he has his fathers eyes.  Eyes that see love instead hatred.  Eyes that see good only and are blind to imperfections and evil.  Father make me the door you can walk thru and allow me to be your hands and feet.  That is my prayer this morning as I hope it is yours.
Ephesians 2: 8-10
I Love You!

To Be Humble!

67 times in scripture God and his son mention pride and the sin it is.  67 times God reminds us that pride is not of his heart but of this world.  Pride leads to judgement… judgement leads to more pride… excessive pride leads to loss of love.  Pride in our social standing…  in our worldly riches.  Pride in our country.  Pride in our ethnicity.  Pride in all the things we place importance on that do not matter.  How many times do we use pride in searching for a way to feel better about ourselves.  “Blessed are the humble in spirit for they shall look upon the face of God”.   When is the last time you put all pride aside and humbled yourself before the Lord? Our Savior humbled himself more than anyone ever will.  He deserves for us to try!!
I Love You!
Perry D. Hoover

Love Knows No Border!

So the question is “Love, where does it stop”?  Does it stop at your front door? Does it stop with family and friends?  Does it stop with those you are comfortable with?
Does it stop at the border of the United States? Does it stop with those that are different than us?  Does love stop where discomfort begins?     Do you only love because it helps someone or do you love others because that is what is expected of us?  OR and its a big OR – Do you love because we are to be the hands and feet of Jesus and his love goes beyond measure.
I Love You!

Slow Down – Feel God

Do you ever fill overwhelmed?  Do you fill a sense of urgency in your daily life? Why?  Lately I have felt that I have to get so much done each day or I wasted it.  As our Savior has shared HJD with me and asked me to share it with you I fill a sense of urgency.  A sense of being in a hurry.  Its only when I slow down, that he speaks to me. When I rest in his ways, that he directs and shares with me. Why do we have so much trouble trusting in his time? Trusting in his plan? Looking to his will in our lives?  “Be still and know that I am God.”  Pretty simple.  Hard…  But
Matthew 6:25 – 34
I Love You!!