Christ Heart! – JoJo

He doesn’t even know it! 

I simply watched as this young man went around shining the love of Christ to others from the center of his heart.  There are times you run across those that even without very much knowledge of scripture, or exposure to our Savior, God blesses them with a heart of gold. I watched as he showed such compassion.  Such empathy.  Such love and a smile that showed the happiness in his heart!  As a man of God it brought such joy to my spirit.  It brought such hope to my soul.  If you find yourself with such a heart… cherish it.  If not, simply pray and God may give you one also. 
2 Corinthians 4:5 (MSG)
I Love You!

Incomparable Love!

As he laid there on the sidewalk, cigarette still burning, the other homeless people where flagging down the ambulance.  I stopped for a moment to render a prayer that God would take care of his soul.  Then the realization hit my heart.  God was crying for the death of this homeless man just as he did for that of his own son. This man destitute and alone is a child of the living God. He may not have the ability to attend church…  hold down a job… or have a family, but God breathed life into him and gave him a purpose.  We need to stop each day and remember  that all the things we chase… all the things we think are important… don’t compare to the love of our Savior!!!

Luke 12:6

I love you!


Such Joy!

I walk along with her hand in mine… joy! 

I watch my grandkids laugh and giggle…joy!

His smile was so big as I blessed him…joy!

I feel the amazing kisses she showers me with… joy!

Accomplishment fills my soul after hard work… joy!

I listen to soul moving music… joy!

I bask in the morning sun and the cool breeze… joy!

I think on Jesus love and salvation… joy!

If we look.  We can find.  Unending joy in this life!

Our life is a series of choices! 

Do you find the diamonds in each day OR do you look only at the coal. 

Then my mind turns to what heaven will be like…  Unending Joy!  Hallelujah!! 

Romans 15:13

I Love You!


Are You Ready?

The question I keep asking myself is “Are we ready for Jesus to return”? I sit in the middle of a party as I watch some play ping pong. Others are playing ball and still others are throwing corn hole. How many of us have our mind on the one that made that possible? Has he even crossed our thoughts in the past hour? The past day? If this minute the horn sounded and the eastern sky opened would everyone here be ready?  It’s easy to remember him when the dark days come.  When death knocks… when the job is lost…  But he needs to be on our mind every minute, of every day.  He’s  coming back and even he does not know when.  I pray my heart is in the right place and resting in his love.

Philippians 3:15-21

I love You!


You Can’t Earn It!

The burden can be heavy.  The pressure we put on ourselves, trying to live up to  the name of Jesus, is overwhelming at times.  We struggle daily with believing we have to earn our way into his arms, by what we say and do.  Religion teaches that.  As I wore my HJD shirt I noticed she had on a shirt that said “freedom from religion”.  My thought was… I have that too.  I have Jesus Christ!!  We worry about if we are living up to his love… because the world says, nothing is free.  Jesus love is!  You simply need to love him back.  Stop trying to earn his love by what you say… by what you do…  He doesn’t work that way.  He forgave the very men who hung him on the cross.  Don’t you think he will love you too!

Ephesians 2:4-5

I Love You!