Love Ripples!

I watch the ripples a rock makes in the water.  I ponder how each of us affects the other.  Like ripples in the water our lives and the way we live it affects the next, then the next, then the next.  

As they argued satan took over his thoughts and convinced him to kill her.  She was the past wife and children’s mother, of someone close to me.  Her boyfriends actions caused pain and despair to one person… then the next… then the next… all the way to me.  I mourn, because the one I love, mourns.

When we are hateful to someone it flows down the line.  When we cut someone off in traffic it causes them to be rude to the next.  When we ignore the person in our path, it causes loneliness and in turn makes them ignore the next .  But when we are kind, when we love, that light shines thru the person in front of us on to the next, then the next, then the next.  When we plant seeds… seeds of hope… seeds of love…  seeds of kindness… they grow.  They grow and at some point they provide love and hope to many more.  Like ripples in the water the kindness and love we display to others spreads out in even circles and produces infinite joy.  Look what the life of our Savior did and that was 2000 years ago.  Let’s see how many love ripples we can make per day.  Colossians 3:12 (MSG)



Give Thanks Always!

He is fully human.  He is fully God.  He embraces the spirit, as the three live in each other.  This is a Savior who through the Trinity climbs into our lives and makes beauty out of our mess… out of our pain… out of our sin.  This is a God who can take the ugliest, most evil, torture device ever invented and use it to save us.  My God, out of a deep unwavering love for us, not only used the cross to reconcile our sin but he turned it into an instrument of beauty. An emblem we use to proclaim our love for him.  He takes our brokenness, no matter how tragic, and turns it around to bring good to our lives.  As our Savior hung on the cross his cry was “My God why have you forsaken me?”.  The pain was so intense that he could not feel the love of his father.  There are times in our lives when the pain is so intense that we can not feel his love.  But we have a God who climbs into that pain… because he loves us that much.  There is nothing you can do that will make God love you less.  Out of his love he will take the worst part of you and make it good.  Out of the pain, out of the sin, out of the brokenness he will make beauty.  No matter your circumstance GIVE THANKS!  He is using it for good! 

1 Chronicles 16:34 

I Love You!



I grieve… I mourn… I sometimes cry uncontrollably…

Gandhi.  Dr King.  Kennedy.  Lincoln.  Lennon.  Evers.  Our Savior Jesus Christ…  all killed simply because they stood for peace… for love! 

I have great trouble understanding why?  Understanding the struggle between Gods’ children.  Why do we use skin color. Race. Differences in opinion. Nationality… as an excuse for such hatred and such violence?  I see friends and loved ones not speaking simply because they disagree.  I see churches terminating leaders because they are not perfect.  Scripture tells me that we are all his children and made in his image.  So why do we abuse and treat each other as we do?  Why do we judge based on color, based on opinions, based on differences in lifestyle?  Are we not ALL made in his image and filled with his spirit?  From that spirit we inherit the knowledge that anything, other than love, for others, is wrong.  Stop letting the evil one direct your actions and look solely to the spirit that lives in you.  The spirit of the God who made you.  The spirit that says I don’t care who you are, where you come from, or what you did, you deserve my love… my respect… my compassion!  Oh to live in that world!!   

Romans 15:7-13

I Love You!


Bone Deep Love!

As we all sit in a circle the question was “what do you get from your spouse”?  After listening to all the desires, all the wants, from the others, I simply answered “I expect nothing from Lorna except to love me”.  Love is free choice.  As the two of us are soulmates our love does not demand or expect performance.  We simply do for each other out of a place of deep love.  Unconditional love produces a desire to please… to serve… to cherish.  So it is, with our love and relationship with Christ.  As we accept his deep unconditional love it forms in us a desire to please him. Not out of fear… not out of a desire to earn… but out of respect and love.  Unconditional love never demands performance.  Never demands compliance. Never demands rules.  If love is truly unconditional there is no need for rules, because everything is done from a place in the heart.  Our Savior does not demand that we do things a certain way, act a certain way or follow a given set of rules.  If he did, then what was the cross for?  He simply and unconditionally asked that we love him in return… the way he loves us.  From a place of love that goes bone deep… and includes all of who we are!! 

1 John – Chapter 4

I Love You!


Love Is All That Matters!

Matthew Chapter 22. 

During times like these when anxiety fills the air  We must remember that we are all more alike than different…   Christ would love first.  During times like these when there is so much division the wise build bridges while the foolish build barriers…    Jesus would love first.  

As we are all his children, we simply have to run, not walk, toward each other with arms open wide….. in love.  

It’s not about who’s right and who’s wrong… it’s about what brings glory to God.  It’s not about who’s ideas are best and who’s are not… it’s about how can we all be one people.  It’s not about mistakes made or triumphs won… it’s about giving the praise to the one who rules over all.

I see so much hatred… turmoil… pride… resentment… and I know in my heart that is saddens our Savior.  According to Jesus the two most important things are loving him and loving others.  He didn’t say only if they agree with you.  He didn’t say only if they look like you or if they behave like you.  He said love everyone just like you love me.  Next to that… nothing else matters.

Luke 6:27-42 (MSG)

I Love You!