Love Is All That Matters!

Matthew Chapter 22. 

During times like these when anxiety fills the air  We must remember that we are all more alike than different…   Christ would love first.  During times like these when there is so much division the wise build bridges while the foolish build barriers…    Jesus would love first.  

As we are all his children, we simply have to run, not walk, toward each other with arms open wide….. in love.  

It’s not about who’s right and who’s wrong… it’s about what brings glory to God.  It’s not about who’s ideas are best and who’s are not… it’s about how can we all be one people.  It’s not about mistakes made or triumphs won… it’s about giving the praise to the one who rules over all.

I see so much hatred… turmoil… pride… resentment… and I know in my heart that is saddens our Savior.  According to Jesus the two most important things are loving him and loving others.  He didn’t say only if they agree with you.  He didn’t say only if they look like you or if they behave like you.  He said love everyone just like you love me.  Next to that… nothing else matters.

Luke 6:27-42 (MSG)

I Love You!


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