I grieve… I mourn… I sometimes cry uncontrollably…

Gandhi.  Dr King.  Kennedy.  Lincoln.  Lennon.  Evers.  Our Savior Jesus Christ…  all killed simply because they stood for peace… for love! 

I have great trouble understanding why?  Understanding the struggle between Gods’ children.  Why do we use skin color. Race. Differences in opinion. Nationality… as an excuse for such hatred and such violence?  I see friends and loved ones not speaking simply because they disagree.  I see churches terminating leaders because they are not perfect.  Scripture tells me that we are all his children and made in his image.  So why do we abuse and treat each other as we do?  Why do we judge based on color, based on opinions, based on differences in lifestyle?  Are we not ALL made in his image and filled with his spirit?  From that spirit we inherit the knowledge that anything, other than love, for others, is wrong.  Stop letting the evil one direct your actions and look solely to the spirit that lives in you.  The spirit of the God who made you.  The spirit that says I don’t care who you are, where you come from, or what you did, you deserve my love… my respect… my compassion!  Oh to live in that world!!   

Romans 15:7-13

I Love You!


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