Do We Have To Clean The Fish?

Why Do We Have Trouble Meeting People Right Where They Are?  It seems we want to clean the fish before we catch them.   Jesus, on the other hand, meets us in the midst of our dirt and filth .  He takes us for who we are, then when the time is right,  he enters our soul, and changes our being.  He fills our heart with his love and walks with us thru the fire, the storm.  He holds us in his arms and comforts without judgement. Without condemnation. Without accountability.  He looks us in the eye and without hesitation says, don’t worry about your dirt. Don’t be concerned with your sin.  I’ve got this because I love you!!   What an amazing Savior!!

I Love You!

Imagine Jesus Pain!

Have You Ever Wondered What It Feels Like To Be Spat On? Can you even imagine what it feels like to be beaten to the point that your muscles are torn and bone is exposed. Do you know what it feels like to have thorns thrust into your head. To have your beard ripped out by hand. Imagine the pain of having large nails driven thru the bones in your wrist and the bones of your feet. Picture not being able to catch your breath not even for a minute.
Now imagine that you knew it was coming this Friday and you can’t stop it because you love too deeply.
He had not a second thought because he loves us that much!!

I Love You!

Slow Down and Show Love!

I Saw Him On A Corner In Fort Worth. He couldn’t have been more than 18 yrs old, dirty, ragged, and begging for money.  It’s been almost a week and he still stays on my heart and I pray for him daily.  I was in to big a hurry to stop and help him.  I pray God forgives me for that.  Seeing him has left a huge hole in my heart as it always does.  What happened? What put him there? Where is his future?
Luke 10:25 is the story of the good samaritan.  Love your neighbor as yourself  This young man is my neighbor and a child of God and I didn’t take the time to love him.  I pray I am never that busy again and I pray the same for you!!.  Never neglect loving someone, no matter who they are!!

I Love You!

Christ Looks At Your Heart!

As I Visited A Young Man In Jail That I Mentor, I Thought Of How Easy It Is To Let Satan Enter Our Thoughts.  It is so easy for us to think that because we count our life style as correct we are better than others.  Then my heart thought of how Christ sees me.  He looks beyond the disappointments.  He looks beyond the mistakes.  He looks beyond the daily sin and peers straight into my heart.  He looks to see if I have compassion for those that are different then me.  He looks to see if I have forgiveness.  He looks to see if I have empathy and love for others.  He sees us all as his children and loves us equally.  I can’t wait to sit at Jesus’s feet, along with the young man I visited in jail, and feel the warmth of his embrace and hear him say “I am proud of you”.

I Love You!

Be The Light!

We Were Chosen and Made by God to be the Object of His Love and Affection. It seems that mankind has trampled on and squandered that most precious gift. In the midst of all the darkness we are surrounded by we need to be a people who will not be bound by satan’s follies. We need to be a people who will not lose faith in a world that seems so lost. As Christ believers we must be the brightest shining light in what seems like so much darkness.
I Love You!

Perry D. Hoover