Christ Looks At Your Heart!

As I Visited A Young Man In Jail That I Mentor, I Thought Of How Easy It Is To Let Satan Enter Our Thoughts.  It is so easy for us to think that because we count our life style as correct we are better than others.  Then my heart thought of how Christ sees me.  He looks beyond the disappointments.  He looks beyond the mistakes.  He looks beyond the daily sin and peers straight into my heart.  He looks to see if I have compassion for those that are different then me.  He looks to see if I have forgiveness.  He looks to see if I have empathy and love for others.  He sees us all as his children and loves us equally.  I can’t wait to sit at Jesus’s feet, along with the young man I visited in jail, and feel the warmth of his embrace and hear him say “I am proud of you”.

I Love You!

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