Slow Down and Show Love!

I Saw Him On A Corner In Fort Worth. He couldn’t have been more than 18 yrs old, dirty, ragged, and begging for money.  It’s been almost a week and he still stays on my heart and I pray for him daily.  I was in to big a hurry to stop and help him.  I pray God forgives me for that.  Seeing him has left a huge hole in my heart as it always does.  What happened? What put him there? Where is his future?
Luke 10:25 is the story of the good samaritan.  Love your neighbor as yourself  This young man is my neighbor and a child of God and I didn’t take the time to love him.  I pray I am never that busy again and I pray the same for you!!.  Never neglect loving someone, no matter who they are!!

I Love You!

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