Watch Your Heart Change!

My heart weighs heavy.  My emotions run high. Tears fill my eyes and pour down my cheeks.  This question fills my mind… invades my heart.  WHY DO WE HAVE ENEMIES?  For many years I lived a life of judgement.  Judging others based on lifestyles…  As Christ has filled my heart to the brink, new insight has taken over my life.  The question that haunts my heart is: “Why do we consider anyone that differs from us our enemy?”  What gives us the right to believe that our way, our beliefs, our morals are right, and those of our enemies are wrong.  There was a day when I looked at those with tattoos and those with piercings as morally wrong. I considered those with lifestyles different than mine morally wrong.  I thought of some sins worse than others and considered my sin not as bad as theirs.  Now I look upon everyone with love and understanding.  Knowing that my life should not be the moral compass that is used to judge others.  My oneness with Christ allows me to look at others, thru his eyes.  Knowing that because we are different doesn’t mean they are wrong.  Those that crucified our Savior, most of us would consider to be an enemy. Christ however loved and forgave them and looked upon them as Gods’ children worthy of his salvation.  I have put aside the desire to point fingers.  Instead I try to open arms.  Who did Christ dislike the most?  The pharisees who spent their days with fingers pointed. Put down your finger and open your arms. Then watch your heart change.   I Love You! Perry

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