Welcoming Doubt!

Doubt?  I use to think doubt was frightening.  To doubt the scripture, to doubt my religion, or to doubt my beliefs, brought anxiety to my soul. I have come to understand that doubt, brings contemplation, which leads me deeper into the heart of Christ. Doubt of all the beliefs we were taught, brings a faith that produces a stronger love.  Doubt of the false pretense of human beliefs, in the rules of law, produces a better understanding of the heart of love, that is our God.  It is human nature to think what we believe is right.  “The church I belong to is the correct one.”  “The club I am a part of is superior.”  “The team I root for should be the winner.”  Why did Jesus teach almost always in parables?  In order to get people to think.  He wanted you to contemplate his teaching.  To reach into your heart and decide what you felt his message meant. It’s easy to listen to a teacher and believe everything they tell you.  It is better to take what is said.  Contemplate it… pray about it… and come to a conclusion that rest in your heart.  The truth lies in Jesus and his message.  That truth is so much deeper, than we can understand, by simply reading scripture. To doubt what is on the surface, produces a desire to better know the heart of God.  When you find the heart of God, you will experience his kingdom… here and now.   

John chap 20 (msg) 

I Love You!


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