Image Of The Divine!

The concert was moments from starting as I sat in contemplation at the crowd.  Forty thousand strong, all there for the same experience.  As I watched… and thought about each… so many questions came into being.  We are all the same.  Each person there has people they love.  Each one uses the restroom many times per day.  Each one has worries… problems… medical conditions… relationship issues.  As I observed I thought “why do I expect all these people to live their life according to my standards?”.  “Does God not care for each one with equal compassion and love?”.  I was raised to believe, by my chosen religion, that each one of those forty thousand people had to follow the scripture as I saw it, to be saved by God.  Each one of those forty thousand needed to think like I do and act like I do.  Then it hit me!  They may very well think that of me!  What would it mean to build a society in which every person is treated as an image of the Divine? How would that affect our relationships with neighbors, coworkers, the stranger lying on the bench and the man sitting in front of me?  We live with so much judgement.  Like it or not we judge daily. In traffic, in line at Walmart, in our churches and in our jobs.  If tomorrow you were asked by God to judge those you love would any of them parish?  We do it daily to others! Then by that… we expect God to do it to those he loves?     I Love You! Perry

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