As I sat in the middle of thousands of people, she decided to go shopping.  “I will be back shortly” were the words she lovingly used!  A kiss was given and I sat down to wait. More time passed then I thought, so I found myself constantly surveying the crowd, anxiously waiting for the return, of the one I love.  Then my heart paused!   The one I love even more than my wife, told me he would be back one day!  One day he would return to care for us.  To bring us to where he is. To wrap us in his love and warm embrace.  I want to wait daily with anticipation.  With an anxious feeling in my heart.  With a stronger fervor than I had for the return of my wife.  So many distractions. So many Interruptions. So many life moments… stealing my look from the return of my Savior.  I know he will return.  He will one day open the eastern sky and we will be taken to the place he has arranged for us.  I sit patiently.  I wait with anticipation.  I wait with an anxiousness in my heart.  I did the same for my wife.  She did return, and a joy filled my heart.  One day. One moment. One second.  He will be back.  Unspeakable joy will fill my heart on that day as well.  James 5:7

I Love You!


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