I Am Broke!

As I met him for the first time he had questions.  How long have you owned this company?  How many employees are there?  It appears you have money.  My reply caught him by surprise… “I do not own the company, I have no assets and as for money… I was broke when I was born,  I currently don’t have a thing and I will die without a dollar to my name”.  Honesty brings the realization that all we see,  all we take comfort in, all we claim we own… belongs to God.  He commented “but you built this company from the ground up.  You had the wisdom to do what was needed.”  “But who gave me that wisdom?   Who opened the doors for me?”  God!!   Do you take pride in your accomplishments? God gave you that talent.  Do you measure your success by the people you know?  He puts people in your path. How about the size of your bank account?  He trusted you with his money.   Everything we have…  every talent we possess…  every accomplishment… belongs to God and must be used to his glory.  It’s not about us.  It’s about using what he blesses us with to glorify him and love others.  The next time you have a chance to use your talents, money, or possessions to love others.  Do it in his name.  His love will come back to you… ten fold. 

1 Corinthians 8:4 (MSG)

I Love You!


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