The Gift Of Life!

It was not our fault.  Nothing we had done caused our situation.  In a short period of time, our company, lost six hundred thousand dollars in two contracts.  Call it politics or call it budgeting, but the reality is… it’s gone.  However, when God closes doors he gives you windows.  Is it possible to create your own reality?  Wall street and Madison Ave. would have you believe so.  However, trying to create your own reality could be a textbook definition of insanity.  Reality is a gift from God.  We can no more create our own reality than we can create our own universe.  When we fail to understand that life is a gift from God then we get lost in the wrong things. When blessings are taken for granted we lose the vision of the father. When life is viewed as a competitive game of acquisition the strain to stay on top creates anxiety.  Life is not a game, it is a gift. The purpose of life is not to win but to learn to love well.  God never said consider the kingdoms and those that are affluent.  He never said see how much you can accumulate and the one with the most will win.  He talked more of the beauty of the flowers, and the birds of the air.  Love well… laugh often… look to God and all the world will be yours.  Jesus talked of love, compassion, forgiveness. God will bless us and lessons will be learned.  Be assured we will never lose sight of the blessing… that is life in our Savior. 

I Love You! – Perry

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