Give More / Take Less!

As I talked with some students my question was simple.  “Do your parents let others in front in traffic?”  Do they offer their place standing in line?”  Overwhelmingly the response was “are you joking?” My heart is heavy and my burden is great. People take, and take, and take.  We live our lives wondering what is in it for us.  We look to those that lead, those that influence our lives, and we expect them to be perfect. We take of their position. Their power.  Their resources.  The pressure that puts on leaders is overwhelming. The pressure that our Savior felt was exhausting.  Most came, not to love him, but simply to take of his power.  His power to heal.  His power to save.  Why do we spend our lives believing we should always look out for ourselves?  We even spend most of our time asking God for something, rather than trusting.  When is the last time you prayed during the day to simply say “Thank You”?  To let him know how awesome of a God he is. Take a whole day and simply praise his name.  Don’t ask for anything or expect anything. Simply love him.  Do the same for those around you.  Let someone in front in traffic.  Open doors. Offer your place in line to others.  Tell your boss “Thank You” for your job.  The Kingdom of Christ is alive today.  You can experience it.  You simply have to show it to others first.

1 John Chapter 4 (MSG)

I Love You!


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