Behold The KING!

His teaching was troublesome.  As we observe so many nativity scenes they bring to mind the special nature of our Saviors birth.  Each one made different but each one containing the same picture.  His teaching was on the inaccuracy of the many nativities.  Were the wisemen really there?  Did they lay the gifts before the newly born baby and at the bedside of Mary?  We know the three wisemen came a great distance.  It would have taken around nine months to travel that journey.  Many believe the wisemen did not show up until Jesus was nine months old.  I chose not to limit my God!  I find it interesting that the time they would have had to travel is the same amount of time Mary would have carried the Jesus child.  So couldn’t God have revealed to these men the future and the arrival of his son?  Why do we insist on putting God into our terms and our understanding? Why do we limit his abilities and believe he told us everything in scripture?  We have a God who can not be comprehended.  Our God has his ways, his plan, and they are beyond our understanding.  He sent a King, a Savior, someone to teach us how to love.  He chose a young girl for the task when he simply could have sent an angel.  Why? To prove to us that we don’t have to understand his methods.  We simply have to accept and believe.  That is what the wise men did.  Because they believed.  They beheld the KING!

Romans 11:33-34

Merry Christmas!


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