Grateful Heart!

Seven thirty.  As I walked outside, the temperature was perfect.  The sun was shining thru the trees, as to create beams of light.  A few clouds billowed in the sky.  Pure joy came over me.  My hands flew into the air.  Laughter came from deep inside.  I shouted “Father thank you for such a magnificent day!  You are an amazing God!”.  So easy to have a heart of gratitude, on such a day. However, doesn’t he want us to live our lives with such a heart?  To lay our burdens on him, and spend our days in prayers of thanksgiving.  Tragedy will always happen.  He whispers… I have this, so rest in my presence… and be thankful for all I have given you.  It’s hard at times.  Loved ones die. Satan punches at you daily, thru temptation… thru financial hardship… thru hateful people… thru medical issues.  As hard as life is sometimes, Jesus came to destroy that hardship, and give us a peace that passes understanding. We simply have to lay all those burdens, at his feet. Be thankful first for his presence. Then spend each day looking for the joy in life, that he creates. The darkness will only last for a short while.  New joy comes in the morning.  I pray we find a way to have lives of daily thanksgiving.  For me, just knowing that he is my God, brings joy to my soul.  Philippians 4:6 

I Love You


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