Sexuality! A Gift!

I openly talk about lovemaking.  Among my family and friends it is a subject of laughter and discussion.  When two people love each other, the way Lorna and I do, it is a beautiful thing.  Why has society made it into something it’s not?  Why have we turned it into something dirty that we don’t discuss or even elude to?  It was and is a gift from God.  Given out of love for his children, and represents the oneness we are to have with Christ.  Society, from the beginning, has drawn it into an immoral thing that it was never meant to be. To be as one… so intimate… as to reveal the deepest part of your soul, to your partner, is likened to the oneness we are to have with Christ everyday. Sexuality, and the erotic, are fundamental urges we have as human beings.  It should move us beyond our preoccupied selves into a world of connection with others and with God.  Sexuality is about more than physical sex, although that was created to bring oneness to couples.  It is about moving beyond our boundaries and into intimate connection with others.  Realizing we are all the same.  It teaches us, when practiced like God intended, to see the depth of love we are to have with him.  It is to show us that our existence  makes a difference in the community of God and his children. That oneness will carry you past the physical act and into a world of tremendous energy that will be a healing presence to those around you. 

I Love You! Perry

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