She looked at me as I sat staring out the window.  “Are you okay” she asked?  “I am weary”. I cry sometimes uncontrollably, as the burden and weight of that weariness sets in.  I want so badly for everyone to truly understand the heart of Jesus.  Sadly, so many that call themselves Christians do not. Christians who judge.  Christians who condemn. Christians who have contempt for others.  

Where is Jesus in your judgement? In your lack of love?  Where is Jesus when you degrade or demean someone because they live a life that you believe is wrong? Do you realize those are his children?  How would you feel if someone degraded one of your children?  How are we ever going to convince the world that a God they cannot see loves them, when the Christians they can see don’t even like them? When Christ said “don’t point to the spec in your brothers eye, when you have a log in yours”. He was talking of condemnation.  Some may think that they don’t have a log in their eye, but the judgement and contempt is what Christ was referring to. Christ lived… studied… and walked with people, that in his time were considered the worse sinners.  Today he would walk with all the people so many Christians want to condemn. LGBTQ community.  Drug users. Prostitutes. The list goes on. Let us look on each other, regardless of lifestyle, as children of God.  

Then nurture, help and comfort.  And simply love. Matt 10:21 (MSG)

I Love You!


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