Do you live each minute, of each day, with a heart of praise or do you wait for everything to go your way?  He had faced so many hardships.  Sickness, stoning, beatings and prison.  Thru it all his heart of thanksgiving never wavered.  His praise to our Savior never faltered. The apostle Paul was giving thanks even as he was beheaded.

Do you have a bed to sleep in? – God’s Grace.  Do you have money in the bank? – God’s Grace.  Do you have food to eat? – God’s Grace.  Are you addiction free? –  God’s Grace.   Do you have people that love you? – God’s Grace.  Do you have a job? – God’s Grace.  Everything we have, everything we own, every blessing in our life is because of God’s Amazing Grace.  Pride says we did it.  Pride says we are the makers of our life.  Truth is – EVERYTHING in your life and mine is by God’s grace.  His AMAZING GRACE!!

1 Corinthians 15:10

I Love You!


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