Forty and Three

He started with forty, and ended with three.  Forty days… alone… tempted… fighting… satan in his face each step of the way.  Each day was a battle and each step grew harder and harder. He wondered if his father had forsaken him.  After the forty days he came out of the desert having dealt with satan.  It was not over!  Three years later on a distant hill… a guards’ whip…  a wooden cross… a crown of thorns…death… again wondering if his father had forsaken him.  Satan thought he had his victory.  Wrong!  Three days.  Three days in a tomb, but not silenced.  He knocked on the doors of hell and defeated satan once and for all.  “You will not have my children.”  Three days he battled… knocking down the gates of hell, and pulling us to his side.  He could have left us there… but no!  He could have called every angel in heaven… but no!  He could have used the power of his father… but no.  He defeated the evil one with pure love.  Love for you… and love for me.  All it takes to defeat the liar, is love.  Our Savior is Pure. Perfect. Love.  Satan had no choice.  Want to defeat satan everyday?  LOVE like Jesus.   

What an amazing Savior!  What a perfect Lord!  He has RISEN!! 

Ephesians 5:1-2

I Love You!


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