Christmas All Year Long!

I woke early this morning, after Christmas, to look back! The presents are gone. The stockings are on the floor. Just like that, the day we look forward to all year long, is gone.  Soon lights will come down and the songs, well they have already disappeared.  As I sit and ponder this time of year, I smile as I think of all the love that is shared and the goodwill people show to each other.  Then Christ put on my heart… “I am always here… I am always in your heart…  why do you not celebrate my birthday every day of your life?  Why only show love at Christmas?  Is my life, my birthday, not just as important in June as it is in December?” When going to dinner on Christmas Eve I saw people being nicer.  I saw people sharing goodwill with others they didn’t even know. Why don’t we live our lives celebrating love, kindness, and goodwill to everyone?  Why just at Christmas? Why can’t we have Christmas everyday of our lives?  Today as I visited stores I asked “Did you have a good Christmas?” The people I encountered smiled, and said I most certainly did.  Shouldn’t we take the time each day to acknowledge others and ask how their day is?  Then truly listen… good or bad.  Life would be better if we celebrated the goodwill of Christmas daily.  So during this coming year spend time being nice.  I promise your life will change… and maybe others will see Jesus… in you

I Love You!


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