Eight Simple Words!

Not sure what his life was like.  

Scripture doesn’t tell us.  

The bible doesn’t even tell us where he came from.  

I simply know he must have had a troubled life, given the fact he was being crucified, next to our Savior.   “Jesus remember me when you enter your kingdom”.  Eight simple words.  So much power in eight words.  A lifetime of sin erased by eight words.  We have a God who chases after us.  He chases… he calls us by name… and he looks for the good in us…  We have a God who simply wants a relationship.  He simply wants us to acknowledge and love him.  Our Savior is not about rules.  He is not about worshiping one way or the other.  He is not about doing everything right.  He is simply about love.  We are a people who have been taught that nothing is free.  Everything has to be earned. Rules must be followed and reputations have to be upheld.  Many times that even applies to our human relationships.  But Jesus… the Christ… our Savior… says don’t worry about the rules, you can’t possibly fulfill all of them.  Love me… love others… and I will remember you, when you come into my kingdom.  Luke 23:42

I Love You!


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