Knowing God!

True knowledge of God doesn’t come from a book… a degree.  True knowledge of our father, comes from an intimate relationship with him.  Lorna and I have been married for 38 years.  During that time we have been intimate so many times I can’t count.  We know each other from every detail,  every angle.  We move as one. The more time we spend together, the deeper that intimacy becomes.  I could read two hundred books about my wife, and still not truly know her.  I could take many courses in Lorna 101,  and still not be aware of her heart.  It is not until I spend time talking to her.  Time listening to her.  Time being intimate with her, that I come to know her soul… her spirit… her heart.  Spending time in God’s word is very important.  I have spent my life reading his scripture.  It wasn’t until I also spent time in contemplation, time in deep prayer, and time in intimacy with him, that I came to truly understand his heart, his spirit, his soul.  Just like marriage, God doesn’t want knowledge, he wants relationship.  He wants intimacy.  He wants your love… your heart.  He wants us to spend time in prayer.  When he talks to our heart, he wants us to pause and listen.  When he leads our life, he wants us to contemplate his direction and heed his desires.  Your heart… your soul… your mind… can know him intimately.  You simply have to listen.    

Matthew 11:28 (MSG)

I Love You!


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