A World Of Love!

Her question was simple.  Anyone who knows me would say it was well warranted.  My sweet granddaughter was simply curious and concerned.  “Why do you cry so easily”?  I cry so often, I think Kleenex could use me as a poster boy!  My answer was simple.  “God blessed me with a heart, so full of love for him and those around me, that sometimes that love spills out of my eyes”.  I see so much hatred.  Daily I deal with people that could care less, about those around them.  I saw the news, by accident, the other morning and within one minute they reported three shootings.  Would you not rather live in a world of love?   A world that Jesus taught, and a world he made possible.  It can happen… but it has to start with you.  With me.  We have to take it everywhere.  We can’t allow our differences, to produce hatred, instead of love.  I can’t allow your treatment of me, to determine my love of you.  I know it’s hard, but it’s what our Savior taught.  Instead of seeing differences, look for what makes you more alike.  Instead of worrying about who’s right and who’s wrong, be accepting.  When faced with violence, return with love.  Then when your eyes fill up with love – let it flow – and get a Kleenex.  

Matthew 5:3-12

I Love You!


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