Getting Back!

Walking past I heard him talking.  All alone.  My heart paused… maybe he needs someone to talk too.  As I sat down beside him I simply asked “tell me how you got here”? Three years.  Danny’s mom had died and he simply couldn’t move on.  Three years on the street…  simply doesn’t know how to get back.  Fifty eight and sleeping under a bridge.  He simply doesn’t know how to get back.  Do you ever feel lost?  Like you don’t know how to get back, to the place where you were?  Doesn’t matter how far gone you are, God can find you.  God will run after you and bring you back.  Back from addiction.  Back from grief.  Back from pain and back from despair.  Then just like the father of the prodigal he will rejoice with you.  He will welcome you home.  As I left this nice man I prayed, “thank you Father for always bringing me back”.  “Father, I asked that you show Danny the way home”.  “Give him the mind to see when you lead him”.   As i rejoined my family the tears came.  I always think…”but for the grace of God go I”.  Never take the guidance you are given for granted.  It comes from the Father.

2 Chronicles 18 / Luke 15

I Love You!


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