Faith And Love!

My conversation with him was one of listening.  Listening to how he could never do enough, or be good enough, for his parents.  He could never be good enough to please God… or so he was taught.  At which he said “why even try”.  He told me he was estranged from his parents and wasn’t sure about God. Having faith doesn’t have to do with being perfect. It has to do with staying in relationship. Holding on to union as tightly as God holds on to us. It’s not a matter of being correct, but of being connected. It’s a matter of loving God, your partner or child no matter what.  That’s true faith.  Faith that says “there is more here than I can understand”. There is more to God than simply being correct about scripture. God is true love. True love does not need rules.  True love should not be burdened with laws, or membership requirements.  Love is a flow of energy willingly allowed and exchanged.  Love does not require anything in return.  My wife Lorna, and I, have pure faith in each other.  Our true love comes from a place deep within our souls and it reflects the love we have for God. We don’t burden our faith, our love, with rules and laws.  We allow the energy that our faith in each other produces to flow equally between us. This young man’s parents, asking for perfection, have driven him away from them and God.  God has never, and will never, ask for perfection.  He simply ask for faith and love.  John 14:27

I Love You!  Perry  

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