Fire Insurance!

Over the past half century we have reached the moon.  We have split the atom.  We cloned animals and human flesh.  In the past twenty years we have discovered an endless space.  We use to believe there were six stars for every human.  Now we know there are six galaxies for every human. Our phone is ten times more powerful than the computer that took men to the moon.  Imagine what we will know fifty years from now.  Discoveries are moving at breakneck speed.  As these things are directed by God, why do we choose to rest on the same understanding of scripture that we did fifty years ago?  The bible is a living document.  It moves… it changes… it grows… with each passing day.  So many times I read a verse I have studied many times.  Then suddenly I read it again and I see something new.  I discover something life changing. True religion is listening to the spirit that lives within.  The inner God that dwells in our hearts.  Any negative thoughts are from the accuser, as God only lives in a positive space.  Religion is so caught up in sin management that we dismiss the God that lives in us.  Instead of living from a place within our spirit, where God dwells, we insist on following rules laid out in a specific order.  I refer to it as “fire insurance”.  We think by following specific rules, of our choosing, that we are saving ourselves from hell.  Only the love of God can do that.  

Ephesians 2:1-6

I Love You! Perry

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