God Is HUGE!!

Recently I read the work of an astronomy professor.  He shared in his writing that fifty years ago we believed there to be six stars in the sky for every one person on the planet.  WOW!  Because of the Hubble Telescope we now know there are six galaxies in the heavens for every one person on the planet!! WOW! WOW!  The God we follow is huge. This is a God that can never be understood… he can never be pictured… he is beyond all human comprehension. In our feeble efforts we put him in a box out of a need for control.  Out of a need for intellect… which can never be fully achieved.  Do you honestly think that this God, who created all we see or know, will let anything stand in the way of his most prized creation? You!!  We have an immense God who climbs into our lives. He feels our hurts.  He laughs at our joys. He giggles at our feeble attempt to know him.  At the same time he loves… he forgives… he understands and he chases.  He chases after each of us desiring simply a relationship.  He is a father that sees his children and wants nothing more than our love. Next time you look at the heavens… think about the vastness of God.  Then remember he loves you more than you could ever imagine. 1 Corinthians 13        

I Love You!


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