He Is Jesus!!

It doesn’t matter what you think you know!  Jesus has chosen you!

Each day I study.  Each day I pray for wisdom.  Each day I read.  Daily I am enlightened, in my quiet time, to strive harder.  To move closer.  To ponder more… in a desire to know the heart of my Savior.  We should not study to be wise of men, but to be closer in heart… to Christ.  I want to feel his touch.  I want to look into his eyes.  I want to experience the warmth of his hug.  I want to know that he has chosen me.  Through study and contemplation we can know these things, while here on this earth.  We can feel the healing power of his touch.  We can take in the love of his eyes. We can be aware of his warmth… and we can know he has chosen us.  He is all around you and me.  He is a part of our very soul.  His spirit resides in us.  He is the foundation of everything we see… touch… and smell.  He is the beginning… the end… and everything between.  He is the reason for all we know and experience. He is the way… the truth… and the life!    He is Jesus!!! 

John 14:16 

I Love You!


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