God Has No Limits!

Why do we insist on putting God in a box so we can understand?  
When thoughts of God take us out of our comfort zone we rationalize his ways… his power… his infinite wisdom.  We try to put him into terms that make sense to us.  I don’t truly understand how gravity works but I trust it.  This week I was interviewed by a science show about the formation of the world we live in.  WHY is it so hard to believe that the theories of the scientific world and God can coexist?  Could God not form the earth in a manner as to prove science and also be true to his word?  I for one will never put limits on our father and his power.  It’s not my worry to prove it one way or another.  It is simply my honor to love and trust him.  Colossians 1:15-18
I Love You!

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